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Keep your gardens in bloom all season long with our wonderful selection of Heritage grown, vibrant annuals. Annuals are plants that complete their life cycle in one growing season.  They provide all season colour and texture and add impact around perennials and shrubs. Create a changing landscape each year with the addition of annuals to your garden, or use them in stunning planters. When deciding on which annuals to use in your gardens or planters, take into consideration the light and water needs, the height and spread of the plant and where you will be planting them.  

Patio pots are a quick, easy way to add instant and fresh colour to your deck, patio or gardens - a wonderful way to make your yard look great for barbeques, parties and other functions. Pick out a pre-made patio pot, or have your containers planted by one of our talented design staff!


Add height to the corner of a room, bring colour to a table or add a hanging basket in a window. Tropicals increase the aesthetics of a room while also helping to improve the air quality by removing toxins.  Accent your home or office or add colourful interest to your outdoor space during the warmer months. Come in and find the perfect plant for the space you want to fill.  We can assist you with choosing the tropical that will be the most successful in your home or office.

Remember, when you purchase any tropical plant and pot – We’ll plant it FREE.  No Mess – No Fuss – No Charge.


Perennials add texture, depth and ever changing colour to your gardens year after year. These plants are tolerant of Ontario’s cold temperatures and only need to be planted once, growing year after year provided with the right growing conditions. Find perennials that love the shade, plants that survive in full, hot sun, or flowers to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. At Heritage you’ll discover the perfect plants to enhance your gardens. 

Visit our perennial department for great customer service and answers to your gardening questions.

Trees & Shrubs

From shade trees to ornamentals and flowering shrubs, at Heritage we carry a wide selection of locally grown nursery stock. These plants create architectural structure in your gardens and are often the “bones” of the landscape. Build a hedge, add privacy, or accent your landscape with colour, fragrance and texture. Looking for something special?  Place a custom order – we’ll see if we can find just what you’re looking for.

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