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Our team leader, Grace, and her husband Ys,  first opened the doors to Heritage Garden Gallery (then, Heritage Country Gardens) in 1998.  Grace is in charge of day-to-day operations, oversees the annuals department and is a strong advocate for excellence in customer service.  And it shows!  Her leadership has seen the Heritage team receive several Consumer Choice Awards. Grace is a hands-on leader who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty or show her support for community initiatives.



Life is all about positive team work for Mary Jane. Whether it is the ‘home team’ of her family, her work team at Heritage or a favourite sports team that she is cheering on, Mary Jane is a strong supporter. She likes that she can see her work efforts at Heritage come full circle – working with the best people, selling the most beautiful product and then seeing the joy on customers’ faces. Mary Jane also enjoys following her sons as their careers take them all over the world, taking her Golden Doodle ‘Maxi’ for walks and spending time at the family’s PEI cottage. She still finds time to stop and smell anything colourful, fragrant and flowering or to pursue DIY projects.


Stephanie takes great joy in helping people succeed with their plants. She has been a member of the Heritage team it opened in 1999. She is our in-house specialist on plant care including pest or plant diseases and brings in a good selection of safe and natural products to assist with these issues. As for her own gardening interests, she doesn’t hesitate to say that succulents are her favourite plant because of their ease of care and beauty.  Personal interests include playing with her dogs and learning how to play the electric guitar.



With a passion for the tropics, working in a greenhouse seems a natural choice for Deb.  A greenhouse, she says, is her happy place. And if she can be around palm trees, her favourite foliage, all the better! A true nature buff, Deb says she is always in awe, and appreciative, of the natural and magnificent creation that surrounds her.



Lisa has been a familiar face at Heritage since 2011. Not only does she help customers with making their fashion selections, she also assists Grace, our manager, with purchasing the jewelry, fashion and accessories that we sell!  Lisa believes in treating customers the same way she would like to be treated. If she had to pick a favourite plant, she’d pick the ZZ plant (zamioculcas zamifolia), a tropical plant that requires minimal care. Personal interests include yard sales, antiques, gardening and golfing.



Sydney was born into the gardening industry and appreciates the closeness that has developed with her work family. She says that a positive work environment makes her work days very enjoyable. Her favourite plant is the Polka Dot plant because of the vibrant colour of the leaves and how great they look in planters. She is a third year nursing student at university and enjoys playing badminton.



Alison loves the versatility of succulents – they can be exotic or cute. She enjoys talking about plants with the customers at Heritage and values the relationships she is developing with her co-workers. Personal interests includes riding horses.



Whether hiking, boating or fishing, Beth enjoys the natural backdrop of the outdoors. Working at Heritage is an extension of the outdoor lifestyle but with a farmer’s tan. She takes pride in helping to create landscape designs that are simple, but beautiful. Her favourite tree is the Eastern Redbud because of its purple-pink flowers and heart-shaped leaves that represent her love of friends and family. Personal interests include home renovations and cheering on the Leafs.



When it comes to favourite plants, Amy is quick to pick hostas, especially the trending Curly Fries Hosta. As an active gardener, Amy says she enjoys working at Heritage because it provides the perfect work environment for anyone interested in gardening and all of the accompanying tools and planters that go with it.  Amy enjoys spending her personal time with her family. She also enjoys running. 



A member of the Heritage team since 2007, Kristina says when it comes to gardening, she likes it all, has likely tried it all. Heritage provides her with the perfect plant playground and she enjoys sharing her plant knowledge with customers. Her ‘go to’ perennial is the Caradonna Salvia, which is beautiful all summer.  Kristina is also the in-house fairy garden expert, delving into the world of miniature everything!  Personal interests include recreational soccer.



Ask Leah what her favourite flower is and she may answer daisies. Or she may say sunflowers. Both, she says, are rays of sunshine in her day.  Leah says she is happiest when around plants and people so it all adds up to an enjoyable workday at Heritage. Personal interests include ‘all things yoga,’ running and cooking.



Cauline’s  30 plus years experience in the fashion industry has made her a go-to fashion resource at Lilie’s Boutique. She says she enjoys helping people meet their fashion needs whether it is for a special occasion or for a casual day. And when it comes to accessorizing, no detail is too small to be missed! She is a big fan of the Pys Bush because it reminds her of her favourite friend, her Mom. Personal interests include  spending time with her extended family and walking her dogs.



Maggie says the sunflower is her favourite flower because it is always cheerful, despite the weather. The same could be said her as she always has a warm greeting and a smile to greet you at the door. Maggie, who has worked at Heritage since 2013, says she enjoys working here because of her fellow colleagues’ energy and expertise. Not a day goes by, she says, where she doesn’t learn something new. Maggie is a huge fan of both the banjo and the bagpipes – but not at the same time!



There’s something about having variety that appeals to Micheline. When it comes to plants, hostas rule on her favourites’ list due to the many varieties found within this attractive, shade-loving plant family. When it comes to needlecraft, Micheline can sew, embroider or do cross-stitch.  Micheline says she enjoys Heritage’s friendly workplace and team approach to getting a job done!



Cindy is a writer by trade and a gardener by heart so, at Heritage, she has found a way to combine her two passions. She is usually ‘out front’ in the Perennials department but behind the scenes Cindy writes for the Heritage website and Facebook page. Cindy enjoys the learning opportunities and team  atmosphere. Out of all the plants she has met, she says Bee Balm (Monarda) remains her favourite because of its raggedy-ann bracts (petals). Personal interests include creative writing, poetry and hiking.



A greenhouse environment means a never-ending summer and, for Nicole, that is a perfect setting. She  loves her work family and being able to help people with the gardening decisions. Her favourite plant is the Yucca because of its spiky appearance, low maintenance and the fact it is a reminder of summer. Nicole is a second year French and English student at university.



Summer’s favourite plant is the Hibiscus because of the way its bright, colourful blooms brighten up a room. She says she enjoys working at Heritage because it provides her with the perfect work combination – plants plus friendly co-workers. Personal interests include playing ringette.





Being close to nature is tops on Mary-Jane’s wish list so working at Heritage is a perfect fit. Mary-Jane says she enjoys being in an environment where she can learn new things every day. Her favourite tree is a Dawn Redwood, not only because of its beauty, but because it is considered a living fossil. Personal interests include hiking, camping and doing crochet.


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