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Gardening is a Journey:  Plan ahead

A garden is a wonderful sight to behold but it does take some effort. Enjoy the journey to your landscape paradise knowing you have the tools you need and the knowledge to succeed.

Any successful planting project starts with an inventory. Being prepared means more successful growth and, for you, that means greater pride in your efforts.

  • Will a yard area need to be prepared? Will planters need to be purchased?
  • Will you start with seeds or transplant plants?
  • The right soil and proper fertilizer will ensure good root growth and bountiful blooms or fruit and vegetable yield.
  • Will you require any supportive structures such as tomato cages or trellises?
  • Hand tools -- such as trowels, cultivators, forks and hoes – are essential and greatly assist you with the labour-end of gardening.

On any journey, there can be bumps in the road. Perhaps you’re having challenges in controlling a certain pest or unsure as to what might be happening to your plant.  Bring in a sample, in a sealed container, and we will be happy to try to identify the problem and offer possible solutions. If your perennials or flowering shrubs aren’t blooming like they should or your lawn has issues, we also carry a complete line of fertilizers and natural pest and disease control products.

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