Fairy Gardens

Living the Fairy tale life…

It s said that fairies dance on flower petals under the glow of the moonlight. We can’t guarantee that its true but we can tell you that we have everything you need to create a magical fairy garden. ….the rest is up to the fairies!

Step into our fairy garden shop and life becomes a miniaturized version of itself. Imagine thumb-sized plants, hand-sized houses and bridges that would cross your palm.

Fairy garden accessories also include the same decor you would enjoy in your own backyard - fountains, fire pits, swing sets, patio furniture and gardens.  Step into a whimsical time with sailboats made of faux leaves, tiny picket fences and birdbaths that can hold two thimbles’ worth of water.

And while you’re here, pick up some of Bernard’s elfin herb, we hear it makes the fairies squeal in delight….even though we’re sure they’ll already be over-the-moon with your fairy garden setting.

Welcome to a world where everything is fairy-sized but the possibilities are endless!

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