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If you’re a seasoned gardener, you know there is nothing like the crinkle of a freshly-opened seed packet. Or the hand-selecting of floral bulbs and placing them into a paper bag.

If you’re new to the green scene, seeds - as small as they are! -  can be intimidating. So many choices! And how do you know how far 'down' to plant them?

Here is our recommended best approach:

  • make a rough calculation on your garden size
  • if you are using containers, the number and size of pots or planters you have available
  • make a list of the vegetable or flower seeds that you would like to plant
  • note how much sunshine the proposed garden area receives every day
  • do an inventory of garden tools (don’t forget to include watering cans!)
  • bring that list to us and we’ll help you make your selections or make recommendations

So, whether you’re looking for heirloom seeds (like Sugar Daddy peas from Burpee) , or pumpkin seeds with a name that sounds as big as their circumference(like Zucca Musquee de Provence by Bavicchi of Italy), we’ve got a packet for you. And if you’re in search of seeds that are non-GMO (non-genetically modified organism) or organic, we’ve got them, too.

And don’t forget to pick up soil and fertilizer!

And we really don't mind your questions so...ask away!

Seed brands we carry:

We also carry premium bulk grass seed including Elite Sun, Elite Shade and Fastgrass Low Maintenance.

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